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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pacific Rim Centre

Program Director Autumn Witt
Programs Supported International Student Association, International Studies Department

The Pacific Rim Center (PRC) was established at Northwest University to facilitate the University’s ongoing commitment to global exchange with particular reference to its strategic position of the Pacific Rim. The purpose of the Center is to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and friendship among global neighbors by providing opportunities for education and for the development of professional services. Furthermore, it serves as a forum for promoting Northwest University through scholarship, intellectual activities, and public media.

As a community of scholars and learners, Northwest University and the Pacific Rim Center propose to develop and maintain programs of instruction, research, and professional services which provide opportunities to:

  • Develop sensitivity to cultural diversities and facilitate interpersonal adjustments needed for cross-cultural living and service;
  • Promote scholarship by providing opportunities for the Northwest University community to engage with nationally and internationally known scholars and to find sponsorship for their own scholarly activities.
  • Engage the greater Seattle and Puget Sound region’s media outlets by providing expert media commentators on a wide range of public policy issues.
  • Facilitate effectiveness in cross-cultural communication;
  • Facilitate economic and business opportunities for Northwest University and its students while promoting the university mission to Carry the Call.
  • Form a network of relationships within the Greater Puget Sound region, nationally, and internationally