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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Letter Of Recommendation Premed Committee

Applying for a Letter of Recommendation

  1. Prepare the formal application and submit it to the science department chair. All materials should be submitted three months before the application deadlines.
    1. On the cover page include your name, overall GPA as of the last semester before application, your science GPA, and the MCAT score.
    2. Attach official transcripts documenting all your previous collegiate academic work.
    3. Submit a (one page maximum) typed statement of personal and professional interest.
    4. Submit two professional reference letters speaking to the applicant’s character, leadership activities, and service commitment so that an assessment of the applicant’s potential for success can be made. Northwest University science professors or members of your family may not be used for reference letters.
    5. Include a well-organized list of medical related volunteering, shadowing, jobs, and other life experiences with brief descriptions of each. Letters from people you worked with may be attached to this page.
    6. Submit a list of all schools that you are considering applying to. Include their requirements for admission, specifically average GPA, average MCAT, and total volunteering hours.
  2. Once the application is complete and submitted, the applicant will set up an interview with the Pre-Med Committee through the Natural Science Department Chair. At the end of the interview, the committee will notify the applicant if a letter will be written.

Send reference letters to:

Natural Science Department Chair
Northwest University
5520 108th Ave NE