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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reserve Officer Training Corps

Faculty Lead Ben Thomas
Programs Supported Aerospace Studies, Military Science, and Leadership

Northwest University has a cooperative arrangement with the University of Washington’s Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC, AROTC). Through these cooperative programs, Northwest University students prepare for commissioning in the US Air Force or Army by earning a degree from Northwest and concurrently registering for a series of courses at the University of Washington. The aerospace and military science courses at Northwest University are instructed by qualified personnel from the University of Washington and military services. A minor in Military Science and Leadership is also available through this arrangement.

[Note: The information in this catalog is intended to be accurate but not exhaustive. Interested students should contact the respective ROTC center for specific details, processes, obligations, and scholarship restrictions.]

The Reserve Officer’s Training Corps is a program estab-lished by Congressional decree to provide the armed forces with a steady supply of educated, capable officers. The ROTC program is designed to prepare students for leadership within the Air Force or Army following the acquisition of a baccalaureate degree. Special military courses are obtained each semester through the University of Washington. Successful completion of these courses and a camp conducted for approximately a month in between the junior and senior years, combined with the earning of a non-ministerial bachelor’s degree qualifies an individual for commissioning.

Scholarships are available for some eligible students. Contact the Student Financial Services Office for details.

There is no commitment when a student tries ROTC during the freshman and sophomore years. There is, however, a four year commitment to the military when a student begins the junior year of ROTC or accepts a scholarship. Depending on the student’s desires and the needs of the Air Force or Army this may be in the active component or in a reserve or Guard assignment while pursuing a civilian career.

When a student applies for a scholarship there is no obligation incurred until the scholarship is accepted. Students are not required to have a scholarship to participate in either the Air Force or Army ROTC.

Participation in either the Air Force or Army ROTC at the University of Washington requires previous acceptance by the University. No application for the Military Science program itself is required; however, students may be eligible to apply for a scholarship which would pay tuition, books, and a monthly living stipend.


The University of Washington boasts one of the nation’s oldest Military Science programs. Kinnear Husky Battalion cadets have the opportunity to earn competitive scholarships, attend summer training at Regular Army schools, and attend quarterly training events at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Army ROTC is a chance to develop skills for success like confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and the ability to lead others and make decisions. Army ROTC is a challenging combination of academics and important hands-on instruction that puts students on track for a more productive and rewarding future. ROTC programs on college campuses are the nation’s way of ensuring that all the influences of higher education are transported into the military services, a mandatory requirement in a democracy.

Air Force ROTC

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) at the University of Washington is an educational program designed to give students an opportunity to become an officer in the United States Air Force while completing a bachelor’s degree. Also, the Air Force ROTC program prepares cadets to assume positions of increasing responsibility and importance in the modern Air Force. Air Force ROTC offers two routes to an Air Force commission- the Air Force ROTC Four-Year Program and Two-Year Program.

Students are required to take Air Force Aerospace Studies or Army Military Science courses in addition to their academic program at Northwest University. Courses descriptions are located in this catalog.