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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Northwest Partnership Program

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Program Director Dan Laurenzo
Undergraduate Programs Supported Associate in Arts, Business Management, Communication, Humanitarian Leadership Interdisciplinary Studies, Ministry Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Management, Psychology

The Northwest Partnership Program (NPP) is birthed from NU’s deep respect for the powerful influence of the local church and likeminded nonprofits, to effect change in our world. Both the church and university are far more effective when coordinating their efforts as a team than individually to fulfill Christ’s mandate to be change-makers. Together we aim to deliver superb, engaged online education in community contexts to every organization within our reach.


Associate in Arts

This two-year program includes the major components of the General Education Requirements which is general and foundational in nature, with several electives that allow students flexibility to explore other areas of study. 

Business Management

This program focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to function within, and lead, business in today’s changing environment. This major includes the important aspects of statistics, finance, and accounting. 


This major offers courses for aspiring leaders who seek to improve their communication skills and grow as individuals of impact in their professional environments. The program offers many advantages, including the freedom to tailor course assignment to meet their personal or career interests. After completing the core courses, students have an opportunity to learn specific skills and competencies needed in professional settings such as business and professional writing, conflict resolution, and public relations. 

Humanitarian Leadership

This degree prepares graduates to serve through a variety of agencies and ministries focused on those who have been impacted by natural or human-made disasters. The program focuses on preparation for, immediate response to, and ongoing support in domestic and international settings. The major also enables graduates who are in a variety of leadership settings with agencies that support community development, migrant and refuge outreaches, children and youth affected by abuse or displacement support, and public policy initiatives. 

Interdisciplinary Studies

This major offers an individually designed major option for students who wish to create a program of study by combining selected courses from two or more majors. Students identify a central organizing theme of their Interdisciplinary Studies major and design it under the guidance and supervision of an Interdisciplinary Studies advisor. 

Ministry Leadership

The Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor of Ministry leadership programs prepare individuals for service within the church and the broad fields of ministry outside of establish churches. 

Organizational Leadership

The BA in Organizational Leadership focuses on the personal characteristics and professional competencies needed for success and career advancement within their chosen vocation and/or place of employment. Organizational Leadership draws from a cross-section of disciplines with the common focus of practical application in today’s highly mobile and demanding workforce. 

Organizational Management

This program has a focus on the important aspects of leading organizations, with an emphasis on the relational aspects of business communications, leadership, and ethics. 


The Psychology major prepares individuals for entry-level post-baccalaureate occupations including work in human services across cultural settings, and for graduate work in the social sciences. 

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