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2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Programs Admissions


Admission to Northwest University is granted to applicants meeting the University admissions requirements without regard to sex, race, color, age, national or ethnic origin, or physical disability. However, admissions are made on a selective basis according to the criteria described below

General Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor of Arts or Science (or an equivalent degree) from a regionally accredited college or university. Allowances may be made for degrees accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), depending on the degree and major earned and the selected graduate program.
  • A minimum of a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale. College of Ministry graduate programs require a minimum of a 2.70 grade point average (GPA).
  • Entrance Tests: The MBA program application requires a qualifying score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)). The Psy.D. Program application requires taking the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Northwest University’s Institutional Code is #4541.
  • Completion of application process, fulfillment of program-specific requirements, and acceptance into the respective graduate program.
  • For additional, program-specific admissions requirements, please contact the respective enrollment counselor.

For students who have a green card or who are in the process of obtaining citizenship and are in good standing with the United States government:

  • Fulfillment of General Admission Requirements and any program-specific admission requirements.
  • Degrees obtained outside the US must be evaluated for the US degree equivalency and GPA by a NACES member agency. http://www.naces.org/members.html

Conditional Admissions Status

Conditional admission status may be offered to students who meet entrance requirements at Northwest University, but do not have a completed application. Admission to Northwest University is conditional based upon satisfying specific requirements prior to full admission. Individuals admitted on Conditional standing will not be permitted to take courses for more than one term or session.

International Student Admission Requirements

In addition to program-specific admission requirements, international students (those on an F-1 student visa) must:

  • have a valid passport
  • have proof of adequate funds to cover all expenses and travel for the duration of their first year of study
  • comply with all laws and regulations related to F-1 students, as determined the Department of Homeland Security

English Testing Requirement

Citizens of approved countries with English as an official language and/or the language of instruction are exempt from the TOEFL and IELTS. A current list of approved countries is maintained by the International Education Department.

For graduate students whose native language is not English, (or the equivalent score through another approved exam) one of the following requirements is necessary to qualify for admission to Northwest University:

Test Scores

  1. TOEFL internet-based (iBT) score of 90
  2. IELTS score of 7
  • Center for Leadership Studies doctoral students are required:
    • To submit a minimum score of 95 on TOEFL iBT or IELTS score of 7
    • Completion of ESL program in Northwest University’s Center for English Language Education 
    • Completion of a bachelor or master degree from an accredted higher education institution in the U.S.

Program completion

  1. If you have completed a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from a U.S. regionally or nationally accredited college/university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). (See program details for specific GPA requirements).
  2. If you have completed Level 4 Bridge of the ESL program at the Center of English Language Education (CELE) at Northwest University with a grade of 85% or higher and a GPA of 3.0 in NU Bridge classes.

Foreign Degree Requirements

Any college or university transcript which is submitted from a school located outside of the US and Canada must be supplemented by an official evaluation of the transcript for US degree equivalency and GPA, performed by an institution approved by NACES http://www.naces.org/members.html. (Course-by-course evaluations are not required unless transfer credit is requested; for more information, please consult the enrollment counselor for the program to which you are applying.)

TOEFL or IELTS Requirements and Waiver

For international students whose native language is not English, and do not hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from a US-based institution which is a) regionally accredited, and b) teaches its classes in English, are subject to the TOEFL or IELTS requirement:

If you hold an equivalent degree from another English-only speaking country (as determined by an official evaluation), you may be eligible to receive a waiver of the TOEFL or IELTS.

Application Deadlines

December 1; March 1; and June 1 prior to the applicable entering fall semester, or as specified for each program. Please refer to the specific program pages for additional information.

International students are encouraged to submit applications by the priority deadline because of the time it takes to issue an I-20 and apply for a student visa.

Code of Conduct

Northwest University Lifestyle Standards

Northwest University places a great deal of importance on relationships and recognizing the need for responsible behavior. The Graduate, Online, and Adult Evening Student Handbook provides description of the environment the University seeks to maintain. Any questions about the Handbook should be directed to the respective program dean or the Dean of Student Development.

In attending a Christian university, faculty and students expect a certain environment in which to study and pursue truth. Mutual respect and encouragement, healthy relationships, honesty, patience, forgiveness, and accepting personal responsibility for one’s actions all create an atmosphere in which individuals from a variety of backgrounds and holding diverse viewpoints can learn from each other. The Graduate Student Handbook outlines the code of conduct that is expected of all students enrolled in a graduate program. Violation of the behavioral standards are grounds for University response and disciplinary action.

The Gradute Student Handbook is available online at: http://eagle.northwestu.edu/departments/student-handbook/.

Violations of the University’s Nondiscrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence Policy are addressed through an equal opportunity grievance process. More information on this policy and the associated reporting and remediation procedures can be found on the Student Development Eagle page or by contacting the Dean of Student Development.

Student Services

Disability Services

Northwest University will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with documented disabilities to ensure equal access and equal opportunities with regard to curricular and co-curricular programs and services and university employment

For students with learning and/or physical challenges, as defined by the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Northwest University takes an individual and holistic approach to providing accommodation. A student may notify the University of his/her disability when the student is confirmed for enrollment. Formal notification to the Director of Academic Success and Advising is required prior to the consideration of an accommodation request. Documentation should include a medical or educational evaluation by a physician or licensed learning specialist, a description of what specific accommodations have been offered in the past, and a list of specific needs and services that will be requested from Northwest University. The Director works closely with students and their respective graduate programs and faculty to ensure all reasonable accommodations and services are provided. More information about disability accommodations is available at: http://eagle.northwestu.edu/departments/student-development/disability-accommodation/.

English Language Education

Students who are admitted to Northwest University but who need additional help to bring their writing up to the level expected for graduate work may be encouraged or required to enroll in one or more of the following courses. Course descriptions are included at the end of this catalog, and course scheduling, registration, and cost details are available through the student’s respective graduate office.

  • LANG 4912 Graduate ESL Research Writing (two undergraduate semester credits)
  • LANG 4922 Graduate ESL Grammar (two undergraduate semester credits)
  • LANG 4932 Advanced Aural/Oral Skills (two undergraduate semester credits)

Student Financial Services

Located on the second floor of the Randall K. Barton Building, Student Financial Services assists students with any questions regarding loans, grants, scholarships, FAFSA and missing financial aid documents. I. In addition the office assists students with questions regarding student account balances, payment, and charges. Contact them at 425.889.5210 or studentfinancialservices@northwestu.edu.

Information Technology

Students are encouraged to bring their own computer for use on campus. Every student is expected to use the Northwest University Email system that is provided. All enrolled students are included in our Microsoft software agreement. Terms of this agreement are available on the Information Technology page on the Eagle Website. All enrolled students are also required to abide by the University Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy as posted on the Information Technology page on the Eagle Website.

On the Kirkland campus, computers are available for student use in Argue HSC 252/254, Hurst 214, Barton 114, the Rice Hall Lobby, the College of Business (Barton 209), the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (North 6710 236), and throughout the Hurst Library. The Hurst 214 computer lab is open 24/7.

International Student Services

Northwest University provides assistance to all international students through the International Student Services (ISS) Office. The ISS Office is located in the lower level of the Hurst Library. The ISS staff is available to assist international students with support in a variety of ways including immigration concerns, academic affairs, cultural matters, moral support and encouragement in the adjustments that often accompany life in another culture.

Security Office

Northwest University has security personnel available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide and encourage security, safety, education and personal responsibility. Extension: 222, Mobile: 425.864.1552. Through officer patrolling and community involvement Campus Security endeavors to protect the people who study, teach and serve as part of the Northwest University community. More information including campus crime and fire statistics is available on the Security web page at http://www.northwestu.edu/security/.


Parking permits are required for all students who park vehicles on our campuses. Students may purchase a permit online at http://www.northwestu.edu/security for $70 plus sales tax per academic year. Violation of vehicle regulations may result in fines and/or cancellation of the permit. It is expected that students bringing cars on campus will have them properly insured and properly licensed with the state in which they are registered.

The Wellness Center

Alumni students may use the Wellness Center medical and nutrition services on a per session fee basis of $30. Services provided include convenience care, medical care for illness and minor injury, sport’s physicals, annual wellness checks, travel information and education, and nutrition consultations. For a detailed list of services, please visit the Wellness Center website. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the Wellness Center at Ext. 5282. The Wellness Center is located in the Everette D. Greeley Center, Building #5. Hours of service are posted on the Wellness Center website. For health care needs requiring immediate attention that occur outside of the Wellness Center’s office hours, please refer to the Wellness Center’s website for a list of local medical facilities that provide 24-hour response.

Additional information is available on The Wellness Center website at: http://eagle.northwestu.edu/departments/wellness-center/