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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, BA

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College Social and Behavioral Sciences
Academic Award Bachelor of Arts
Credits Required 125 semester credits
Faculty Lead Kevin Leach

The Psychology major enhances our understanding of the human condition in light of a distinctive Christian worldview. Our theoretical framework synthesizes broad-based knowledge drawn from the fields of psychology, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies to provide the student with a sound social sciences foundation. Students are challenged and equipped to become change agents, accepting the responsibility to truly make a difference in the lives of hurting individuals within a global context.

The Psychology major is designed to prepare individuals planning to enter any number of post-baccalaureate occupations, including work in human service or cross-cultural settings by preparing program graduates to:

  • demonstrate competency in academic content areas that meet prerequisites for graduate work in psychology, social work, counseling, and international community care;
  • demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate their understanding of psychological issues in both oral and written formats including mastery of APA style;
  • think critically concerning issues relating to psychology, culture, and social injustice within the context of a globalized world;
  • examine Christian faith integration and psychology
  • Program graduates will demonstrate critical thinking as applied to psychology as a science.

Entrance to the Psychology Major

Entrance to major has several critical objectives:

  • the formal process assists students in clarifying educational and professional goals;
  • students are better able to organize their course schedule; and
  • students learn to identify their academic and vocational strengths and weaknesses.

Freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students who desire to major in psychology formally apply to the Psychology Department for entrance to major during their sophomore year.

Entrance Steps

  1. Obtain an Entrance into the Psychology Major packet, available in the Psychology Department main office or online at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences web site.
  2. Fill out the Completion of Class Requirements form in the Entrance packet.
  3. Submit the above forms to the Administrative Assistant of the Psychology Department.
  4. The Administrative Assistant of the Psychology Department will then contact you to schedule an entrance meeting with at least two departmental professors.
  5. Schedule and attend an interview appointment with the Psychology Department.
  6. The student must complete the above Entrance Steps prior to his or her junior year of study or during the junior year of study for students who transfer into Northwest University with junior standing.

Core Curriculum Requirements: 60

Humanities: 9

  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions  for applicability)
  • ENGL xxx3 Any Literature course 3 credits
  • HIST xxx3 Any Course in History 3 credits
  • 3 additional credits selected from the following 3 credits
    Art (ARTE), Bible (BIBL), Drama (DRAM), English (ENGL), History (HIST), Language (LANG), Music (MUSI), or Theology (THEO)

Social Sciences: 9

  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions  for applicability)
  • Select a minimum of two disciplines from the following:
    Business Administration (BUSM), Communication (except COMM 1213), Economics, Education (EDUC), Geography (GEOG), Health & Fitness (PEDU), Management (BMGT), Marketing (BMKT), Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (PSCI), Psychology (PSYC), or Sociology/Anthropology (SOCI)

Science and Mathematics: 7

  • MATH xxxx - College-level Mathematics 3 credits
  • SCIE xxxx - Science course with Lab 4 credits

Formation and Calling: 5

Core Electives: 9

Any college-level courses

Psychology Major: 60

Choose Practicum or Thesis: 3

Psychology Concentrations: 12

Select from one of the following concentrations, detailed below

Select one (3-credits) from the following: 3

Cultural Psychology: 12

(Select one of the following options)

12 credits of the following courses:

Best Semester Programs:

Participate in one of the following Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Best Semester Programs:

  • Australia Studies Centre
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Oxford Scholars Semester
  • Uganda Studies Program

Research: 12

  • 3 credits
  • PSYC 4902 - Research Lab 2 credits (or two semesters at 1 credit each)
  • SCIE xxxx - Science course with Lab# 4 credits

  • Recommendation: General Biology, Human Biology, or Anatomy and Physiology

Select one (3-credits) from the following#:

General Psychology: 12

Select four (3-credit) Psychology courses or listed within the Psychology Concentrations, unduplicated from the major requirements

  • PSYC xxxx - Psychology Electives

* Taken as part of major core

General Electives: 5

Any college-level courses or additional Psychology Concentration

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