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2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Northwest University Oregon

Programs Supported Associate in Arts; Business Management; Ministry Leadership; Organizational Leadership; Psychology

Northwest University Oregon offers NU education with flexible schedules to meet the unique needs of today’s college students. 

Northwest University Oregon supports the strategic mission of the University by providing an NU education in Oregon. The nontraditional schedule and delivery format make the programs accessible to working students. In addition, tuition at the Oregon extension site is competitively priced among regionally accredited, private colleges and universities in the state.

The degree programs offered in Oregon are designed to equip graduates to be effective leaders in vocational ministry and the marketplace. Bachelor degrees in Business Management, Ministry Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology are offered, as are Associate degrees in General Studies and Ministry Leadership. Students seeking to fulfill educational requirements for ministerial credentialing with the Assemblies of God can do so by earning the Certificate in Ministry Leadership.

Classes in Oregon are offered on a unique schedule. All of the courses are based upon a two-session semester format. As a result, full-time students take only two or three classes during each session, so they can be focused in their learning. Oregon campus students also have the option of taking both onsite and online courses.

The faculty at the Oregon extension are deeply committed to student success, investing in students’ academic and personal development. Faculty are not only academically qualified to teach, but most are also currently serving in their area of expertise. This enables instructors to provide teaching that draws upon their educational background and up-to-date vocational experience.

The  Oregon site offers extensive support for students striving to achieve the University’s high standards of academic excellence.  Active advising that extends well beyond course scheduling combined with academic success resources and workshops facilitate student thriving.  Further, the campus utilizes Clifton StrengthsFinder® with all students as a tool for unlocking academic achievement and fulfilling personal potential.

Engaging relationships with faculty and fellow students provide a compelling sense of community that facilitates personal and spiritual growth.  Students are challenged to approach learning, serving, and leading as a collaborative effort that calls for innovation and integrity.  With strong connections with one another, students achieve academic and personal goals that impact the world around them.

Graduates of Northwest University Oregon are carrying the call of God and engaged with human need throughout the United States and internationally. A degree earned at the Oregon extension will equip graduates to serve with greater conviction, courage, and capacity in the redemptive work of God in the world.

Tuition and Fees


Fall & Spring Tuition (per credit) $ 461.00

Fees (non-refundable)

Student Life fee (per semester) $ 50.00
Orientation fee (new students only, one time) 50.00

Special Course Fees (per semester)

Concurrent Credit Fee (Undergraduate, per credit in addition to applicable tuition charge) $ 100.00
Independent/Directed Study Fee (Undergraduate, per credit in addition to applicable tuition charge) 180.00


Students should prepare for books to cost approximately $100 per class. Some classes have book costs that are significantly less, while some courses will exceed this cost.

Annual Cost

Annual Cost with 12 credits per semester $ 11,264.00*
  (Tuition, $461 x 12 credits x 2 semesters = $11,164 student life fee $50 x 2 semesters)  
Annual Cost with 15 credits per semester $ 13,930.00*
  (Tuition, $461 x 15 credits x 2 semesters = $13,830; student life fee $50 x 2 semesters)  
*New Students: additional Orientation Fee of $50 in first semester only  

Payment Information:

Tuition and Fees are due in full at the start of every semester. Balances not paid in full by the end of the following month incur a 1.5% late fee. Students with outstanding account balances that have not been set-up on a payment plan will not be able to register for classes the following semester. Financial policies apply to all students (except those that qualify for VA benefits under Chapter 31 and 33).  If you qualify for VA benefits under Chapter 31 and 33, late fees will not be assessed due to the late receipt of VA benefits.

Payment Plan Information:

A payment plan can be set-up through Nelnet Campus Commerce. For more information visit the web site at:  https://www.northwestu.edu/financial-aid/undergraduate/payments-late-charges/

Oregon Campus Calendar

For the full Academic Calendar refer to www.northwestu.edu/calendar

Session “A”  
  New Student Orientation Aug 18
  Preparation Week Aug 24-28
  First Day of Classes Aug 31
  Last Day to Register; Last Day to Add/Drop Courses Aug 30
  Labor Day Holiday (University closed) Sep 7
  Last Day to Withdraw from classes Oct 9
  Last Day of Classes Oct 19
Session “B”  
  Preparation Week Oct 20-23
  First Day of Classes Oct 26
  Last Day to Register; Last Day to Add/Drop Courses Nov 5
  Thanksgiving Holidays (University closed) Nov 26-27
  Last Day to Withdraw from classes Dec 10
  Last Day of Classes Dec 16
  Student Semester Break (no classes) Dec 15-Jan 9
  University Offices Closed Dec 24-Jan 1
Session “A”  
  New Student Orientation Jan 4
  Preparation Week Jan 4-8
  First Day of Classes Jan 11
  Last Day to Register; Last Day to Add/Drop Courses Jan 22
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (University closed) Jan 18
  Presidents’ Day (University closed) Feb 15
  Last Day to Withdraw from classes Feb 26
  Last Day of Classes Mar 1
  Spring Break (no classes) Mar 2-5
Session “B”  
  Preparation Week Mar 9-13
  First Day of Classes Mar 16
  Last Day to Register; Last Day to Add/Drop Courses Mar 24
  Good Friday (University closed) Apr 2
  Class Break Apr 18-23
  Last Day to Withdraw from classes May 7
  Last Day of Classes May 10
  Graduation TBA
  Summer University: May-August Sessions May 14-Aug 23
  Memorial Day (University closed) May 31
  Fourth of July (University closed) Jul 4
  Summer University Notes: Last Day to Register and Last Day to Add/Drop Courses is the end of the first week of classes for that session; some course assignments, independent study, practicum and internship may extend through August; see applicable course schedule for exact dates.

Location and Facilities

The Northwest University Oregon campus is located at 9250 Charity Dr.  NE, Salem, OR 97305. The school facilities include a chapel, classrooms and the administrative offices. In addition, the location includes a reference library, as well as computers and study areas for the students’ use.

Academic Policies

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may change their registration through adding or dropping courses either via their PowerCAMPUS Self-Service account or by filing a properly completed Request Registration Change Form in the Registrar’s Office. Students who drop a course before it begins or during the Add/Drop period (Week 1) will not be charged tuition for that course. After the end of Week 1, there is no tuition adjustment should a student withdraw. Tuition is charged at the full amount.

Military Credit

Any veteran receiving GI Bill® benefits while attending Northwest University is required to obtain transcripts from all previously attended schools and submit them to the school for review of prior credit. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official US government website at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

Those having had military service may petition the Registrar’s Office for credits based on learning through military experience. Northwest considers the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) in evaluating military-based credits.

Credit by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

This institution will evaluate all previous education and training, grant credit where appropriate, reduce the length of the program proportionately, notify the student of any prior credit granted, and keep records of this process on file.

Leave of Absence

A student taking a leave of absence for one semester or more must submit a Request Registration Change Form to the Registrar’s Office and complete the reapplication process when returning.

Oregon Adjunct Faculty

Bryan Davenport Ministry, Theology
Steve Emerson Business, Ministry
Bob Frank Business
Stan Houghton Business
Brigette Keane Business
Debbie Lamm Bray Bible, Theology, University
Lee McCloud Ministry
Mark Opperman Bible, Ministry, Theology
Boyd Powers Ministry
Kevin Reich Ministry
Gayle Reichelt English
Jeremy Siebert Bible, Ministry
Sean Silverii Bible, Ministry
Kaylee Whitworth Mathematics