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2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business

Academic Awards Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, Minors, Certificates
Interim Dean Rowlanda Cawthon
Departments Graduate and Undergraduate

The College of Business sponsors a broad range of business programs that serve students of traditional age, adult undergraduate students, and graduate-level MBA students. Daytime weekday classes, once-a-week accelerated classes, and Saturday schedules are structured to ensure the highest of quality and applicability for business students.

Mission Statement

We are a learning community committed to academic excellence in business education within the context of Christian faith and service.


The College of Business teaches business skills within the context of a Christian perspective, empowering students to serve as leaders, managers and social entrepreneurs with competence and integrity. All students take a series of core courses in the fundamentals of economics, accounting, management, marketing and finance before they focus on advanced major courses.

The College of Business offers:

  • Small class sizes
  • Experiential learning
  • Mentoring professors
  • Career development opportunities
  • Quality instruction involving real world experience

We believe that business is an extraordinary opportunity to:

  • Serve others
  • Fulfill a unique calling
  • Create positive social change
  • Honor God by contributing to a vibrant economy

Five Majors available

Accounting – Students become adept at preparing and reading financial statements and tax returns. They pursue careers as accountants or financial advisors.

Business Administration – Students take courses in marketing, management, finance and accounting. They are prepared for a variety of careers, including starting their own business.

Management – Students learn to lead people and plan projects. They are prepared for a wide variety of careers in business, nonprofits or government service.

Marketing – Students study consumer needs and learn to position a product or service in the marketplace. They pursue careers in advertising or sales.

Music Industry Business – Students develop specific knowledge and skills required for effective business careers in the music industry and related fields.

Internship Opportunities

All business students work in an internship experience in their junior or senior year in which they apply business theory to a real workplace and build their own professional network.


Northwest University’s Business Programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs. Accreditation standards are modeled on the Baldrige National Quality Program. Employers find value in knowing that Northwest University uses the same standards as those used by other organizations to recognize excellence.

International Study Tour

All business majors participate in a foreign study tour to study the dynamics of international business on location. Previous tours have gone to Prague, China and Japan. A course fee will cover transportation, lodging and some meals. The course is required for the junior year.

Contact the College of Business for current information about the location and cost.

Admission to the College of Business

Traditional Students in any of the College of Business majors are required to apply for Entrance to Major during the second semester of their second year, prior to taking any upper-level business courses.

Entrance requirements:

  1. Submission of the Entrance to Major Application
  2. Completion of any three lower-level business core courses with a grade point average of at least 2.50
  3. Entrance to Major interview may be requested
  4. Transfer students should review requirements with their advisor

Course Sequence

Business majors do not need to declare the exact business major they are selecting since all business majors take the same courses during their first two years. The lower-division core courses ensure that students have a solid understanding of business principles before they start their upper-division major courses.

The lower-division core courses:

  • Survey of Economics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Communication

Students must consult with their academic advisor to ensure that they take upper-division majors courses in sequence, since not every course is offered every semester.

5-year BA/MBA

This accelerated, dual-degree program is designed to graduate students with a combined Bachelor of Arts in a Business major and Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree within five years. The combined degrees prepare students for professional careers in business, government or nonprofit organizations. Students begin taking four first-year MBA courses in their senior year and apply those 12 credits to their undergraduate requirements. The student is then able to finish the rest of the MBA in the following year, thus eliminating a year of college tuition.


  1. Apply to the program at the beginning of the Junior Year with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 or above. Submit an essay describing why they want to be in the program.
  2. Generally students will take six MBA credits and six undergraduate credits each semester of their senior year. The senior year credits are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate. All remaining undergraduate credits must be completed at Northwest University. Students may take no more than 15 total credits (MBA and undergrad combined) each semester in their senior year. No more than 12 MBA credits may be taken while still an undergraduate. Once students complete all undergraduate course, they will be charged at the MBA tuition rate as they continue on to MBA courses.
  3. Maintain 3.3 Cumulative GPA during their Senior Year.
  4. Since professional business experience is required for all MBA students, students in this program will be required to take the MBA Graduate Internship course as one of their electives.
  5. Students complete all 39 of the required MBA credits.
  6. This program is not available to the Business Management and Organizational Management majors offered in the Online programs.
  7. Since Accounting, Marketing, and Music Business majors have discrete major requirements, students of these majors will need to substitute elective credits for their MBA course work in their senior year. The Business Administration and Management majors can substitute one or two courses from their undergraduate major.

Course Sequence

Senior Year (Fall/Spring)

  • BUSM 5073 Management Communication
  • BUSM 5413 Organizational Management
  • BUSM 5433 Project Management
  • BUSM 5573 Financial Management

MBA Year (Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer)

  • BUSM 5253 Business Innovation and Research
  • BUSM 5433 Project Management
  • BUSM 5463 Operations Management
  • BUSM 6473 Applied Economics for Managers
  • BUSM 6253 Intermediate Accounting for Managers
  • BUSM 6513 Legal & Ethical Responsibility
  • BUSM 6753 Corporate Strategy
  • BUSM 6963 Graduate Business Internship
  • BUSM 6xx3 MBA Business Elective

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts in Leadership Studies*
  • Master of Business Administration*


  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership*
  • Ed.D. - Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership*


Graduate and Undergraduate Department

Business Administration Department


Bachelor of Arts