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2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Humanitarian Leadership, BA (Online)

College Center for Leadership Studies; Adult and Professional Studies
Academic Award Bachelor of Arts
Credits Required 120 semester credits
Faculty Lead Jim Jessup
CIP Code 43.0302
Available at Online and NU Oregon

Students who graduate with the BA in Humanitarian Leadership will be able to: 

  1. Discuss the heart of God as the motivation for effective and sustained compassion activities. 
  2. Assess procedures for supporting those who provide compassion services. 
  3. Formulate effective physical, psychological, and spiritual methods of helping people in poverty and people experiencing suffering . 
  4. Develop approaches for working in cooperation with other compassion providers on local, regional, national, and international levels. 
  5. Critique administrative and financial strategies for presenting and supporting humanitarian projects. 
  6. Design efficient and effective activities for providing initial and ongoing disaster relief services in domestic and international settings. 

Core Curriculum Requirements: 60

Humanities: 9

  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions  for applicability)
  • ENGL xxx3 Any Literature course 3 credits
  • HIST xxx3 Any Course in History 3 credits
  • 3 additional credits selected from the following 3 credits
    Art (ARTE), Bible (BIBL), Drama (DRAM), English (ENGL), History (HIST), Language (LANG), Music (MUSI), or Theology (THEO)

Social Sciences: 9

  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions  for applicability)
  • Select a minimum of two disciplines from the following:

Business Administration (BUSM), Communication (except COMM 1213), Economics, Education (EDUC), Geography (GEOG), Health & Fitness (PEDU), Information Technology (INTC), Management (BMGT), Marketing (BMKT), Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (PSCI), Psychology (PSYC), Sociology/Anthropology (SOCI), or User Experience Design (UXDE)

Science and Mathematics: 6

  • MATH xxxx - College-level Mathematics 3 credits
  • SCIE xxxx - Science course with Lab 3 credits

Formation and Calling: 3

Core Electives: 18

Any college-level courses

Major Elective: 3

(choose from the following or as approved by advisor)

General Electives: 15

Any college-level course

Total: 120 Semester Credits