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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree Program, MAML/MIT

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Jointly sponsored by the College of Ministry (COM) and the College of Education (COE), the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML) and the Master of Arts in Teaching (MIT) can be earned as a dual degree whereby students will enroll in both programs and at the completion of the dual degree program the student will be awarded two degrees. The following conditions apply to the MAML/MIT dual degree program:

  • Students must be accepted into both degree programs in order to qualify for the dual degree. This includes passing the two state examinations: the Washington Educator Standards Test-Basic (WEST-B) and the Washington Educator Standards Test-Endorsement (WEST-E) in their respective areas as a prerequisite to admission to the dual degree program.
  • Students enrolled in the dual degree program must take courses in the specified order and sequence in order to complete the requirements of both degree programs in a timely fashion. Students wishing to “reverse the order” of the program sequence by beginning with the MIT program first will need to gain written approval from the Deans of both programs.
  • Students enrolling in the dual degree program must pay the appropriate tuition and fees corresponding to each degree program.
  • Students enrolled in the dual degree program must complete both programs in order to receive their degrees.
  • Because of faculty staffing, the COM and the COE reserve the right to impose limits on the numbers of dual degree candidates that can be accommodated at any one time.
  • Students enrolling in the dual degree program have a curricular overlap that reduces the dual degree credit hours by taking the program in dual degree configuration.
  • Students who follow the prescribed program of study may be able to complete the program in as little as 27 months.
  • Students who decide to withdraw from one of the programs have the option of completing the entire remaining degree program with no course reductions.

The dual degree completion will be as follows:

  • Students will subsequently enroll in the MIT program and complete the degree program in its entirety.

Potential Audience:

The MAML/MIT degree may be desirable for individuals wishing to teach in a Christian school in the K-12 sector and incorporate a Christian world view and ministry mindset into the educational setting. Alternatively, church leaders could gain a more sophisticated understanding of educational formation that could be then incorporated into the ministry setting.

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