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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Education

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A word from the Dean:

It is often not difficult to think back to a teacher who made a positive impact on our lives. For me, I immediately think of my fifth-grade teacher, Mr. McElroy. He not only got on the floor with us to play gym hockey each week, he also spoke into our lives on a regular basis. All these years later his voice, encouragement, and belief in me still resonate in my head and in my work. Teaching continues to be one of those vocations where professionals can make a significant impact on young lives and on society at large. In the Northwest University College of Education we prepare learner-centered, adaptive and holistic teachers who help their K-12 students excel academically and as people.

The Master in Teaching (MIT) program prepares post-baccalaureate candidates with strong academic credentials who seek the first level of teacher certification and who demonstrate a high aptitude for scholarship and teaching at the elementary and secondary levels. The MIT is an intensive, eleven-month program focused on building professional experience in area public and private schools, developing best practices aimed at making a positive impact on K-12 students.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction is a 21-month, continuing education program for certificated teachers and other educators. Candidates focus on a selected area of interest, including concentrations in Teacher Leadership, Special Education, and English Language Learning. In all of our College of Education graduate programs you will learn from faculty with strong academic knowledge and practical classroom experience. Drawing on full-time faculty, as well as adjunct practitioners, candidates are prepared to be educational leaders through rigorous, relevant, and hands-on training.

- Laird Leavitt

Dean, College of Education


Master of Education

Master in Teaching