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2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business

A Word from the Dean:

The College of Business at Northwest University is committed to developing socially responsible leaders for today’s rapidly changing world. We believe the purpose of business is to serve others. Organizations that provide goods and services benefit not just investors, but customers, employees, and the common good. To be effective servants, organizational leaders need competence and integrity. Our MBA is designed for the real world. Our courses prepare working professionals for higher levels of management responsibility, so they will be able to serve their organizations as innovative and effective leaders.

Our MBA has distinct advantages over other programs. In addition to our solid Core Curriculum, our Cohort Model ensures an active learning process. You will engage in experiential learning with your peers and receive mentoring by high quality, caring professors. You will be challenged to consider global perspectives as you study each business discipline. You will develop and refine a variety of relevant management and communication skills. You will learn to think critically about the complexities of management. You will become more competent in your ability to decide and take action. Finally, because we are a private Christian institution, your learning opportunities will be centered in the context of a distinctive, ethically responsible worldview.

If you are ready for a new level of challenge for your professional competencies and character, we invite you to join us.

– Rowlanda Cawthon, Ed.D.

Dean, College of Business


We are a learning community committed to academic excellence in business education within the context of Christian faith and service.


We will be a leading innovator in business education and entrepreneurship.



  • Process: Experiential, Life-long, Integrated and Communal
  • Business knowledge and skills
  • Critical thinking and analysis

Faith and Integrity

  • Christian character and discipleship
  • Consistency between faith and action
  • Fulfill individual calling


  • Identify new solutions
  • Create positive social change
  • Pragmatic flexibility


  • Open and clear communication
  • Trust and Respect
  • Supportive Team Partnership


  • Staying current in our discipline
  • Consistent quality work on time
  • Business as an extraordinary opportunity to serve others

MBA Graduates will be able to:

  • Develop strategy based upon analysis of Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Management.
  • Create innovative business processes, products and solutions through critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Design clear and strategic professional communications.
  • Evaluate ethical issues in business and leadership through the framework of truth and personal integrity.
  • Manage project teams and processes effectively and efficiently.


Master of Business Administration