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2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Certificate

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Department Language and Linguistics
Academic Award Certificate
Credits Required 8 semester credits
Faculty Lead Autumn Witt
CIP Code 13.1401
Available at Online

This short term certificate is designed for those with a BA who plan to teach English as a Foreign Language. Due to the practicum method of instruction, TEFL Certificate students must have access to a language classroom where they can practice the methods and techniques that are discussed. The TEFL Certificate also serves as a ladder into the MA TESOL program. The completed certificate counts toward the Intercultural electives (3 credits) in the MA-TESOL program of study.


  • The aims of the TEFL Certificate are:
  • To provide the student with introductory exposure to second language acquisition theories and the accompanying teaching methodologies,
  • To provide the student with practical curriculum development practice and feedback,
  • To allow the student to study and apply second language literacy pedagogy, and
  • To allow the student to practice basic EFL assessment strategies in a variety of contexts and on various language skills.

Educational Objectives

  • Completion of the TEFL Certificate requires the student to demonstrate competencies in:
  • Writing and speaking the English language;
  • Critical thinking skills used by TEFL instructors;
  • Language Acquisition knowledge and reasoning skills applicable to TEFL related fields;
  • Basic understanding of foreign language pedagogy and classroom management

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